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Thank you everyone for another wonderful
parade year in Emmaus.
Mark your calendars for next year.
October 21, 2023



History of the  Emmaus Halloween Parade

The first mention of the parade according to Borough records was October 20, 1919. “Burgess Knauss reported that he had not yet made a move to have a Halloween parade, but if Council wanted one, he would appoint a committee. Remarks were made by B____,(illegible) Krause, Moatz. The stand was taken in account of the demand upon the community for money from other sources.”

October 3, 1921 – “ A committee of the American Legion was present and informed as to the holding of a Halloween parade, A.F. Buck, H.D. Wennig, H.F. Moatz, W.L. Kratzer, R.S. Stoneback, R.C.D.Hahn, H. A. Knauss. This committee to act in conjunction with the Legion Commmittee.”

In 1929 an official Committee was formed and the rest is , as they say…..history.

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